A Closer Look at iOS5 from a Design Point of View

November 27, 2011

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Yes iOS5 have many exciting features, not to mention the lightning fast Mobile Safari, but did you know there are subtle changes aesthetically as well? Here’s from our Japanese friend, the very talented and eagle-eyed designer Takamasa Matsumoto’s blog.

First thing you will notice (well, not you, but Takamasa) on the iPhone is the notification badge has a much more subtle but still remains three-dimensional

Speaking of three-dimensional, the option boxes in Settings and text in iMessage also goes 3-D

The contrast between text and background and increased and therefore should increase readability.

The rotation lock button also get some OCD love, the thickness of the shadow is increased from 3px to 4px, to make it look more three-dimensional.

Last but not least, the space between the middle Homescreen buttons has changed from 38px to 40px. Why is that you ask? see for yourself in the diagram below.

Turns out in iOS4 the whole Homescreen was 2 pixels to the left, and they fixed this in iOS5.

I think this has just illustrated why people like Apple more than any other brands – because Apple is meticulous, constantly trying to beat perfection. Consumers reward them, and recognise the effort.


source: Design Archive via Obama Pacman

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